Dorit Margreiter

selected works

In the film piece Aporia two people discuss the history of several urban landscapes, each of which has emerged as a copy of another famous city. Examples will the different versions of the city of Cairo as well as copies of Vienna, Venice and Dubai.
Interwoven in the storyline are fictive narrative threads about the cities with the overall narrative, allowing a poetic description of the origin of (urban) history and how it is socially constructed to emerge.
The plot is conveyed through the filmed gestures of six persons that are then alternated to create a dialogue. The filming site is a recording studio: the epitome of a non-place. The dialogues are then dubbed with the voice of a single narrator.
The recurring visual elements in the film are a black screen lasting for several minutes along with images vaguely resembling the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas, which could also function as a possible site for the plot.


Camera: Hannes Böck
Editing: Dorit Margreiter
Voice-over: Elena Cooke
Performers: Kristie Gregory, Jenny Hinchliffe, Hollie Kearns, Janis Rafailidou, Tara Sibson, Richard Taylor
Production assistant: Gill Armstrong, Karin Haas
35mm transfer and prints: Listo, Vienna
35mm installation: Wolfgang Konrad

Produced by The Henry Moore Institute Leeds/Penelope Curtis
and 11th Cairo Biennial Austrian Contribution/Felicitas Thun-Hohenstein
with kind support by Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

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