Dorit Margreiter

selected works
Broken Sequence

"Broken Sequence" was shot in the vernacular landscape of a dilapidated - and in the meantime torn down - Disney-esque amusement park outside of Bejing. The film is a sequence of static images that conveys the past and the present through Margreiter's manipulation of ambient sound, echoing the conflict of the ultimate capitalist dreamscape with the communist reality of this abandoned site. This site, over its decade long failure to come to realisation, was both appropriated by farmers and served as a liminal meeting space for gay and trans-gender communities.
(Barbara Clausen)


Camera, Editing, Sound: Dorit Margreiter
Production Assistance: Xiao Zhang
Thanks to: Anette Baldauf, Hannes Boeck, Tak Yee Choy, Barbara Clausen, Natasha Murray, Orsina Parsargiklian, Gisela Prager, Zehui Tang, Xiao Zhang, Red Gate Residency and Katrina Daschner

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