Dorit Margreiter Choy

selected works

[...] In her most recent work, cinéma (2014), Dorit Margreiter uses light and shadow as metaphysical basic elements of cinema to animate a mobile with the letters "cinéma", parallel to presenting views of a castle, which houses the collection of art by Dieter and Gertraud Bogner.

As also previously in "zentrum" (2004), "Pavilion" (2009) and "Broken Sequence" (2013), this results in an intertwining of the interior and the exterior and the overlapping of levels of time that once more obscure the idea of a coherent, historical narrative.

(excerpt from Claudia Slanar for Viennale 2014)


Camera: Hannes Boeck, Dorit Margreiter
Editing: Dorit Margreiter
Production: Karin Haas
Post production Hannes Boeck, Lukas Boeck
Produced by: Dieter und Gertraud Bogner
Thanks to: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Katrina Daschner, Rike Frank, Tak Yee Margreiter, Helmut Margreiter and Dieter and Gertraud Bogner

Premiere: Viennale 2014
International Premiere: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2015

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