Dorit Margreiter

selected works
Remake Las Vegas

In 2001, Las Vegas begins a mission to transform itself into a real city.
On the Strip, the Venetian hotel complex opens a Guggenheim Museum franchise designed by Rem Koolhaas and Frank Gehry. Downtown, Mayor Oscar Goodman proposes a new art museum to spur a more metropolitan ambience.
With this introduction of art, the gaudy Strip and the previously neglected Downtown area begin to compete over authentic urbanity.
How seamlessly can art be integrated into the entertainment industry?
Will museums fill the gap between high and low culture, between entertainment and everyday life?

A video by Anette Baldauf and Dorit Margreiter
Kurt Ouchida, The Venetian
Hal Rothman, Sociologist, University of Las Vegas
Oscar Goodman, Mayor Downtown Las Vegas
Jon Jerde, Architect, Los Angeles
Marjorie Polly and Earl White, Downtown Central Development Committee, Las Vegas
Mark Scarborough, Arts Factory, Las Vegas
DJ Freddie, Las Vegas
Kelly Creiggs, Nevada Arts Council
Margaret Crawford, Historian, Harvard
Norman Klein, Historian, Los Angeles

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