Dorit Margreiter

selected works
Short Hills

Short Hills is a suburban town in New Jersey, where Margreiter visited her aunt and cousin - a Chinese-American family - at home and questioned them about their favorite soaps. The title not only suggests that her video should be viewed as a soap opera - albeit a rather different one, as will be seen - it also merges the real location and the possible media plot into a single entity. This false soap involves the realization of a virtual space, in which wishes are formulated and can thus be formed. Short Hills is Margreiter's attempt to update the meaning of speaking as a performance of desire and female subjectification using video, and to offer this as a real symbolic space structure that visitors may engage with.

(excerpt from: Yvonne Volkart, 'Built Dreams' in 'Dorit Margreiter. Short Hills', 2002)

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